Dec 30, 2010


Film that inflict impression to your own life.

Do you know this truth? This film's story is about two "Escobars".

Colombia international football team was very strong at that time in 1992-1994, consequently they were definitely favorite in 1994 FIFA World Cup USA. There are footballer Andrés "Escobars" who is star football player. He always wished every Colombian's happiness, and his activity led to the progress of the team. But another reason why olombia international football team had strengthened existed. The reason was Mafia did financial support to them.
Because Mafia boss name is Pablo "Escobars" loved football therefore he supported football society.

Footballer Andrés "Escobars" played World Cup as Colombia international because he was captain of team. As preliminary round game, he violated one important mistake, therefore he was killed by Colombian after the World Cup. Every colombian passed lost in them grief.

In one side, Mafia boss Pablo "Escobars" was exposed to the danger of the life as contention of narcotic ring.

This film is impressiveness. That's true.
check it out.

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